Neon signs are still widely used, but are losing popularity to LED and solar signs in San Francisco. Golden Gate Sign Company pays attention to these sign trends in the San Francisco area. The reason for this trend is businesses are becoming green - from their product offerings to exterior signage.

The large, green following in San Francisco led the city to its ranking of #2 greenest city in the world by Mother Nature Network. Two reasons why San Francisco received this ranking is because the city:

1)      Banned plastic shopping bags, and

2)      Made recycling a requirement.

Golden Gate's San Francisco sign services wants to help businesses become green through its signage. The San Francisco sign company offers two popular green signs:

1)      LED signs

2)      Solar signs

The LED signs use less power making it a cost-efficient investment. The other type of sign the San Francisco sign company makes at its manufacturing facility is the solar sign, which has solar panels that absorb light energy during the day and is stored for nighttime usage. Golden Gate spread the green trend to the San Mateo Police Department by installing these solar signs at their facilities.