Restaurant Signs

It’s a well-known fact that colors are an important detail in advertising and branding for businesses. Certain colors are used to promote a certain feeling or desire, or for attracting a specific type of customer. If you’re a restaurateur, choosing the color scheme and logo for your signage should be a carefully calculated decision. In fact, to get the best performance out of your branding, most experts highly suggest using the color red.

Red is proven to be the most effective color for inciting hunger, which is a plus for any business specializing in food-service. Using red in your street signage and other branding materials is your best bet for making your restaurant stand out on crowded city streets, freeways, on social media, or wherever you’re advertising your business.

Having a high-quality restaurant sign from a professional sign manufacturer such as Golden Gate Sign Company can help put you ahead of the competition. Take a look at some information about using red to market your restaurant, and how we can help you create a custom sign that promotes brand awareness based on important industry research.

Using Red to Stimulate Enthusiasm & Promote Energy

As a primary color, red has a special effect on people as it helps to stimulate enthusiasm and excitement. Red has always been associated with urgency and demands our attention, which is why it’s the color of ambulances, warning signs, and stop signs. This can be used to your advantage when it comes to creating your branding colors for your restaurant signage, as a red sign can excite and create enthusiasm about your business.

Red Can Spark Impulsivity

Along with capturing the attention and provoking excitement, red has also been shown to incite impulsiveness in customers. As you may have noticed, most advertisements for “last-minute” or “limited-time-only” types of sales often have a red background or font. Red emphasizes the urgency of the sale and is used to spark impulse-buying amongst shoppers passing through. Using this in a culinary setting could help to get potential customers in the door, especially if they’re trying to make a decision on where to have their next meal.

Red is Scientifically Proven to be More Visible

Choosing red just because it’s said to get more attention may not be enough for some people, so let’s look at the science behind the colors. With a wavelength of up to 700 nanometers on the visibility spectrum, red wavelengths are longer, making the color red more visible than purple, yellow, green, and the rest of the colors—which all have shorter wavelengths in comparison. This allows your restaurant and advertisements to be better seen in the daylight and at night.

Used by Many Large and Successful Brands

Don’t just take our word for it, look around at some of the most popular restaurant brands and how they use red in their branding. McDonalds and Wendy’s are two great examples of fast-food restaurants that use the color red to entice customers into making quick decisions to buy. Of course, if your restaurant isn’t as loud or flashy as a fast-food restaurant, you can choose a softer shade of red for more sophisticated advertising, if your brand calls for it.

High-Quality Sign Manufacturing In The Bay Area

Whether you’re using red, orange, yellow, or another color, crafting your signage according to industry research is of the utmost importance for your business. Along the same lines, finding a professional design company to help you determine your business’s branding needs is a critical resource your business needs. The right design team can help you build awareness and develop strong brand loyalty in today’s competitive market.

Since 1969, Golden Gate Sign Company has provided Californian businesses with high-quality custom signs, logo designs, and sign repair. Our Bay Area design specialists can custom-create the best and most effective signage products for your specific restaurant’s needs. For more information on our products and services for Bay Area businesses, give our team a call now or fill out our online form to request a free, on-site pricing estimate.