One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business is how you choose to advertise.  There are many avenues to take that can help spread the word about your company, and deciding how and where to use your resources to advertise can be a complicated decision. 

One of the oldest and easiest forms of advertising is signage. While the concept of signage hasn’t changed much over the years, the types of signs and the way they’re used have. Today’s signs are better and more powerful than ever before, and upgrading yours can be a strong and powerful way to promote your business. 

That’s where LED signs come in. Changes in technology mean that advertising methods have become updated, too--and illuminated signage is one of the most effective signs on the market. These highly sophisticated display signs can communicate multiple messages in numerous ways. If you’re currently using digital signs to promote your business, take a look at these tips from Golden Gate Sign Company on how to get the most out of them.

Maximizing Your Illuminated Signage

As a business owner, you know that investing in or upgrading something shouldn’t be done without proper research and understanding. This is especially true with digital signs. There are two main goals with LED signs, which are to inform and to attract attention.

In order to accomplish either goal, your sign needs content and form. That’s why we’ve put together some incredible tips to help you maximize what you accomplish with your new illuminated signage.

Choose Colors that Contrast

You need color with your signs. More importantly, they need to be contrasting colors to really stand out and be visible. It’s recommended to use either black or white as one of your colors and pair them with another color that stands out well. 

The good news is that nearly any color combo will work so long as the message is clear and noticeable. For best practice, it’s best to stick with the colors that make up your logo and branding for consistency.

Bigger is Better

It’s a fact. The smaller the digital sign, the harder it is to read. If your potential customers can’t read what you have to say, they won’t be attracted. As such, make sure that the sign as well as the font is big enough to be read from any side. The common ratio is about one inch of letter height for every ten feet you want your sign to be viewed from. 

As a final note, consider the traffic. If you’re a storefront on a sidewalk, then you want to be sure the sign isn’t too big. 

Where to Place Your Signage

The whole point of a sign is to have it noticed and seen. Even if your LED signage is the brightest and most eye-catching of them all, it won’t be seen if That can’t happen its placed in the back of your parking lot or obscured by landscaping. 

With that concept in mind, consider putting your sign as close to the street as possible. Also, don’t forget about the power of height. The higher up the sign, the more likely drivers are to notice what you’re trying to sell. Before committing to a location for your sign, be sure to test how well the location works by walking and driving by from different directions to see how visible the sign really is. 

Bonus tip: Do this at different times of the day and night for the best comparisons. 

Stand Out with a Clear, Original Message

Nowadays, there are LED signs nearly everywhere. As such, it’s hard to stand out in a sea of lights. That’s why you not only need clear messaging, but also creative messaging. Figure out with your creative team what’s going to evoke the feelings needed to come in. Whether you want to be funny, thoughtful, mindful, or something else, make sure your message is memorable and effective at bringing people in the door.

Stunning LED Sign Designs in the Bay Area

Our team of signage experts loves delivering well-crafted signs to our clients more than anything. We pride ourselves in our ability to create that perfect solution that has your company stand out among your competitors and look forward to crafting your next digital sign.

Ready to check out some LED sign options? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents at Golden Gate Sign Company about our digital sign solutions, or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home assessment.