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Increase your company's profile with high-quality projecting signs from Golden Gate Sign Company. Projecting signage hangs outward from your building, dramatically increasing your company's profile - so you should make sure that your signage is designed by our expert staff. We've served the San Francisco Bay Area since 1969 and complete all fabrication from our expansive Oakland facility.

Projecting Signs by Golden Gate Sign Company

You'll be paired with our company's Graphics and Design teams, who will create the signage model that takes both your business and aesthetic considerations into account, and our company will fabricate your projecting signs in our warehouse. They'll be installed and maintained by our trained staff, eliminating the need for use of a costly third-party service. When you work with the projecting signage experts at Golden Gate Sign Company, each step of the process is easy, cost-effective and time-efficient.

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To learn more about Golden Gate Sign Company - and how we have the personnel and the prowess to meet your projecting signs requirements - call us today or fill out our no-obligation quote form to receive your FREE estimate. We look forward to creating the projecting signage that complements your company's intent and brand identity.