Custom Neon Signs

In a crowded marketplace like the Bay Area, well-designed retail signs aren’t a luxury—they’re 100% necessary to make your business stand out from the competition. And one of the best ways to attract your customers’ eye and make an attention-grabbing statement? 

Custom neon signs. 

If you’ve never considered installing a neon sign before, here are just four reasons you might want to start today.

1. Night-Time Visibility

Like any lighted sign, neon signs are ideal for round-the-clock legibility and visibility. As long as you choose a high-contrast background with bright-enough neon tubing, your business signage will be easy to spot, read, and remember in both high- and low-light situations. 

For your Bay Area business, that means twice the versatility from a single sign installation—and, with the right sign design and placement, hopefully twice the customer engagement, too! By advertising 24/7, you’ll increase your sign’s reach and improve its ROI.

2. Cool Retro Aesthetic

Neon never goes out of style! It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications across a variety of industries—from corporate offices to the many hotels, bars, and retail spaces across San Francisco. Many visitors love the retro look, and in our age of social media, it never hurts that neon signs are especially photo-worthy.

By investing in a neon sign, you’ll be taking advantage of an old-school aesthetic that’s been on trend for over a century, giving you some peace of mind that your new sign is not just a passing trend.

3. Customer Loyalty

Neon signs evoke a sense of familiarity and nostalgia and can help you build an emotional connection with your customers. After all, a customer who feels at home in your space is a customer who’s likely to come back time and time again! 

Combine that sense of nostalgia with the increased visibility of lighted signage, and you’ll have a recipe for attracting and engaging your target audience.

4. Simple Maintenance 

In decades past, neon signs were often considered to be fragile and difficult to maintain. But improvements in sign technology have made these concerns much less pressing today—especially if you work with the experts at Golden Gate Sign Company! 

Along with our professional designs and installations, we offer regular sign maintenance to keep even the most delicate neon signs looking great. Our in-house manufacturing facilities also ensure the highest sign quality right from the beginning.

Learn More About Neon Business Signage Today

Although neon signs can be a great choice for many businesses in San Francisco, they’re not right for every situation and every marketing strategy. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of neon vs. LED vs. conventionally lit signs, get some expert advice by calling Golden Gate Sign Company today! 

We offer dozens of different styles of business signs, and our only priority is ensuring that you get the best sign for your budget, brand identity, and target audience. Call us or complete our quick online form to schedule your free neon sign consultation now.