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The San Francisco Bay area is filled with opportunities for small business owners who are looking for a trendy marketplace. Yet, it's also a very competitive area of the country. If your signage and marketing aren't on point, your retail location may be overlooked in favor of flashier attractions.

At Golden Gate Sign Company, we've spent more than 50 years helping clients stand apart from the crowd. In that time, we've picked up a few tips and tricks for creating attractive retail signage that is also effective at bringing in the customer. Our team is also well-familiar with the types of signage necessary for retail locations. Let's take a look at some of the best practices for signage!

Simplicity is Key

Too often clients want their signage to share everything about their services in a massive information dump. A lot of information and imagery creates a cluttered effect that overwhelms the viewer. Ideally, the sign should portray the basic idea about your retail services in five seconds or less.

Narrowcasting is Helpful

The concept of narrowcasting is popular in internet marketing where targeting potential customers with specifically tailored content is important. You can do something similar with your retail signage, especially when it comes to giving basic instructions, or detailing the benefits of your product.

Combine Multiple Retail Signage

Your store will not only require channel letters outside the building, but also a variety of other signage that can all be tailored to the same theme. Use window signs and sidewalk signs to entice the customer. Create sale signs and banners to persuade them to buy. Make sure everyone can use your retail location with ADA-compliant signage and directional signage too.

Create a Punchline

Whether it is a company motto, a quick blurb, or a catchy punchline, this sub header is a great way to convey additional information to the customer. Plus, it does it in a quick and clever manner. Make sure your punchline is short, simple, and cuts out the extra wording.

Draw them in with a Call to Action

Many informational signs and advertisements will also feature a call to action at the end. This encouragement can go a long way towards getting your customers motivated. The call to action depends on how your sign will be used and where, but it can ask customers to step right into the store, give you a call, or go online to start shopping.

As an experienced sign company near San Francisco, Golden Gate Sign Company has the facilities and skill needed to create a wide range of signage. We're also able to provide ongoing maintenance and sign repair services for clients. You can even get help with custom designing a storefront sign that promotes your brand.

If you're interested in learning more, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We'll be happy to arrange a consultation with you right away.