Business signs are important to showcase the branding of the organization, promote the company’s offerings, and attract customers to your location. In today’s world, digital signs are a fast and rising trend, and increasingly chosen as a premium advertising tool for businesses of all kinds.

This type of retail signage proves to be a convenient, enticing, and affordable way to reach and captivate target audiences. However, installing digital signs without an effective strategy or well-designed plan may not be sufficient in boosting engagement to your brand.

At Golden Gate Sign Company, our designers are experts in creating well-made and effective digital signage for many types of businesses across a variety of industry sectors. In this article, we will share with you some tips on digital signage creation, and how to benefit the most from this amazing opportunity to advertise your brand.

Know the Essentials

Just as you might when creating other types of business signs, you need to consider elements such as content, location and placing, size, and concept. In terms of content, make sure that the message is clear and engaging. The wording should be simple and straightforward—something that a passer-by or someone who drives by can easily read.

Signage isn’t as effective if the size of the sign or its positioning and angle aren’t thought out carefully and strategically. Ensure that the size is enough to make it visible from a distance and is fixed in a certain location where there is high traffic. Finally, the concept must be original and in-line with the brand to capture consumers’ attention and promote brand awareness.

Communicate Your Brand’s Message at the Right Time

The best thing about digital signs is that it gives you the option to change the content whenever you want. Take advantage of this opportunity to remain relevant as trends change and the market fluctuates. In order for your target customers to relate more, you can customize your content so that it reflects the time of year, a recent local or national event, or anything that is currently trending. Aside from crafting visually engaging retail signage, you can also explore ways to make your digital sign more interactive—for example, by incorporating a QR code that customers can use to visit a certain page for your marketing campaign.

Keep it Simple and Streamlined

While creative editing, animation, effects, and other movements can attract attention, you must also ensure that you don’t overdo it to the point that the customers can no longer understand the message. It’s true that plenty of lights, graphics, and other effects might look pretty, but does the signage send the right message across? Give your audience enough time to understand the content and try to incorporate your logo—which is the most important part of your branding—as much as possible.

Always Add a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Business signs should prompt a call-to-action for the customer, such as visiting a certain webpage or physical store, subscribing to a social media account, calling or sending an email, and most importantly, making a purchase. In other words, don’t forget to close without giving the consumers a clear direction on what to do next after reading the content on your signage.

Learn How to Maintain Your Signage

Without proper maintenance on a regular basis, your digital signs wouldn’t last long. Once your sign is installed, make it a point to ask the professionals for maintenance tips to keep it clean, updated, and to promote its longevity. Know when you need a sign repair and address issues immediately to avoid tech or other problems. You should also avoid error screens by checking it regularly or having your provider monitor it for you.

If you are looking to install custom business signs or are in need of a sign repair service, contact Golden Gate Sign Company today. With years of experience as signmakers in the Bay Area, an expert team of design specialists, and our high-quality products and technology, Golden Gate Sign Company has what it takes to provide you with digital signs that can grow your business and expand your clientele.

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