With the many retail shops in the Bay Area, it becomes a challenge to make your store stand out from the competition. Effective retail signage is one of the most obvious ways of capturing the attention and interest of potential customers. It is also a visual representation of your brand and promotes brand awareness and retention.

In this article, our design team from Golden Gate Sign Company will share some of our company’s tried-and-true techniques that increase sign’s visibility and help establish brands. Your sign is a form of communication with your customers, so make sure you’re doing all that you can to help it to stand out in a positive and effective way.

Short and Straightforward

When designing retail signage, less is more. As the attention span of customers shorten and as people are always in a hurry, having a short and straight-to-the-point sign that instantly communicates exactly what you want will be sure to grab their attention.

Use Easy to Read Fonts

While some retail businesses can get away with chalkboards, dry-erase board messages, and other types of hard-to-read signs having clear and easy-to-read, permanently printed fonts can capture people’s interest and draw them to your brand message and product. Keep in mind that in this fast-paced world, if customers can’t read it quickly, they aren’t as likely to stop and take the time necessary beyond those first seconds to get your message.

Use Contrasting Colors

It may be obvious to some, but it’s proven that colors play a crucial role in retail signage or any other visual representation of a brand. The color can directly affect how consumers see your brand and influence their decision to buy.

When you choose a background for your sign, contrast your colors so it can be easier to focus on the message of your brand itself. You don’t really have to use bold and striking colors, just using contrasting colors is enough to increase sign’s visibility.

Choose the Location Wisely

If you want to make your retail signage more visible, you must carefully choose where to put it. Make sure that it is high enough to be seen by passers-by and those who are driving past your retail store. You can also try different concepts and experiment with the orientation of your signage to find out which type captures attention better.

Consider the Size

If you want to increase sign’s visibility, make sure that the size is enough for customers to easily read. Clarity matters a lot, and your sign must be visible in the distance, when you are standing up close, or when you are driving past. Don’t hesitate to test if the sign works well in such different situations.

Have Fun and Test Different Approaches

Nobody likes boring signs. The ultimate goal of retail signage is to capture the attention of people, so have fun and play around with different ideas and concepts—if a little silliness suits your branding. You can also try to be funny or use puns to make your brand more interesting for potential customers.

Maintain Your Signage

Of course, good signage won’t be effective if it is not well-maintained. Make sure that the signage is not too dirty, doesn’t have missing letters or elements, faded colors, lighting problems, or other issues. Check it regularly and hire a sign repair company, if necessary, to address such issues.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can help you boost your brand’s visibility with superior quality signage, or if you’re searching for affordable, dependable sign repair, Golden Gate Sign Company is the right company to turn to. Learn how we can help your business stand out by giving us a call or schedule a free, no-obligation estimate by filling out our online form.