Awning signs, while not exactly the most traditional sign type in existence, are a popular choice for representing a traditional, classic appearance. With the ability to be customized to suit any style storefront, awnings can deliver an exterior look that has become synonymous with sophistication and class—making them an ideal choice for establishments seeking a prestigious look to attract customers to their business.

From four-star restaurants and exclusive sports clubs to upscale boutiques and trendy hair salons, awning signage is gaining momentum as a trendy style choice for business of all kinds. If you’re wondering whether your Northern California business would benefit from San Francisco awnings, the team at Golden Gate Sign Company has put together some of the best benefits and features of this type of signage so you can choose the right option for your business.

Customized Awnings for a Classic, Visually Appealing Storefront

Awnings are neat, classy, and attractive, drawing attention to the eye without demanding it like a neon sign might. For many store owners, this subtlety in advertising is why it’s considered ideal for upscale stores and businesses and can be superior to other sign types for attracting certain types of clientele.

In addition, awnings can be highly customized to suit very specific types of businesses—from cinemas and clothing stores to record shops and restaurants. At Golden Gate Sign Company, we offer a wide range of custom awning designs to choose from in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes, along with expert design advice to help you decide on the most visually appealing look for your business.

High-Value Hidden Features of Awning Signage

So, aside from their classic appeal and incredible versatility, what makes awnings stand out from other sign types on the market? For starters, San Francisco awning signs quite literally stand out and over your business’s storefront—acting as an umbrella over the front entrance and windows. As a result, awnings provide wonderful shade over your storefront—making them particularly beneficial for keeping your store cool inside on hot summer days.

Awnings also provide excellent protection on colder days, as well as in the pouring rain or falling snow. This can be useful on streets with plenty of foot traffic, as they provide shelter for potential customers caught in the middle of a heavy storm who want to take refuge underneath your awning. It will also give customers headed into your store the chance to close umbrellas and shake off wet clothing before entering your business.

Interested in Learning More About San Francisco Awning Signs?

A lot of thought and consideration should be going into your storefront—especially when choosing your signage. A store sign, after all, is more than just words on a wall—it’s a reflection of your brand, products, and services that you offer inside.

At Golden Gate Sign Company, we’re a leader in helping Bay Area businesses showcase their brands with top-quality signage products and services, including classic awning signage with San Francisco style. If you think awning sign might be the right choice for your business, let us know by giving us a call. You can also fill out our online form to receive a free quote for custom awning signage for your storefront