san jose signs

Even if you have a business with a great reputation, having an attractive and professional sign can make a world of difference in drawing customers. If you want to receive superior results, you should hire an experienced San Jose sign company. At Golden Gate Sign, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to provide your business with a high-quality San Jose sign that will set you apart from neighboring businesses and competitors.

Full-Service Sign Company Serving San Jose

When you choose Golden Gate Sign to provide full-service sign solutions, you can choose from a variety of signage types. From monument signs to channel letter signs, we have the products you need to install and maintain your custom signs. In fact, we have a fleet of professionals who can come to your San Jose building to fix any issues with your signs.

Custom Signage Solutions

If you choose to take advantage of our full-service sign solutions, you can expect the following steps to be handled with care by the appropriate professionals:

  1. Custom Design: We have some of the area’s most talented designers to help you come up with a sign design that fits your company’s needs, goals, and brand.
  2. Sign Fabrication: The next step in our full-service sign solutions is to fabricate your signage. Whether you need a neon sign or a lightweight aluminum composite sign, we make it in our Bay Area warehouse.
  3. Permit Service: Before we install any of your signs, San Jose codes are taken into consideration. In fact, we handle all of your permits to ensure that your sign specs and installation plan meet the local code.
  4. Sign Installation: Once we cut through the red tape, our highly-trained installers handle the installation of your indoor or outdoor signs.

San Jose Signage Experts

Our team of experts in Business Development and Design, Fabrication, and Installation dedicate themselves to providing quality products and customer-oriented services so that you can enjoy the benefits of your San Jose signs right away.

Don’t let your business go unnoticed. For the attention you deserve, come to Golden Gate Sign. Give us a call to learn more about the services we have to offer and how we can help you. You can also fill out our online form to request a free estimate today!