san francisco sign company

Golden Gate Sign Company isn’t just another place where you can pick up a banner or a simple San Francisco sign. Instead, we offer complete signage and branding solutions. Plus, we maintain an entire fleet of trucks to ensure our customers never have to hire third-party installation or maintenance services. Since 1969, our San Francisco sign company has been the area businesses one-stop shop for all of their design, manufacturing, repair, and sign retrofitting needs.

Full Service San Francisco Sign Company

Our fleet is a big part of why we can do so much for our customers. Other San Francisco signage businesses have to hire out many of the installation jobs, because they don’t have the equipment to do it themselves. This slows down the process of getting your sign installed and makes it more expensive. Golden Gate Sign keeps a fleet of five crane trucks, so we’re ready to install any sign no matter the height of the installation or the dimension on the sign.

In addition to our day-to-day service vehicles, we maintain an aerial truck of 60 feet and crane trucks of 135 feet, 100 feet, 85 feet, 80 feet, and 70 feet. If your sign requires a quick repair, you won’t have to wait for us to locate a truck—we’re ready when you need us!

Sign Fabrication and More

The reason we’re willing to invest in the care and maintenance of an entire fleet of vehicles is so that we are able to provide exceptional service to all of our customers. We are your one-stop shop for San Francisco signs, branding, and more. We offer many services including:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Branding
  • Gas station conversions
  • Sign repairs
  • Installation
  • And more!

Our impressive fleet also gives us the capability to install and service parking lot lighting to help keep your employees and customers safe.

When you need signs or sign repair, save time and money by calling Golden Gate Sign first. Our talented team will work closely with you to put a recognizable face on your business. Contact us to learn more about our sign company fleet and comprehensive sign services! Give us a call, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a time to discuss your needs.