We all know that first appearances matter. According to marketing researchers, a potential customer makes a judgement about your business’s appearance in as little as five seconds. That means you has less than five seconds to grab a customer’s attention and entice them want to learn more about you.

San Francisco Sign Design Solutions for Your Local Business

In order to grab a customer’s attention, your San Francisco sign must be dynamic, engaging and eye-catching. Given the limited time you have to convince them to check out your store, owners need to choose wisely when investing in their signage. Hiring an expert San Francisco sign design company can help ensure you create the exact look that speaks of your company and resonates with potential customers.

Here are three additional benefits to using a San Francisco sign design service:

Sign Design Expertise

When your business signage created by a professional San Francisco sign designing company, you get the expertise that guarantees your sign will be well designed and effective.

At Golden Gate Sign, we employ a dedicated and talented San Francisco signage design team with more than 40 years of combined experience. Our designers understand the local market and have the ability to create unique signage that will speak to your potential customers.


When looking for sign design in San Francisco, you want a company that thinks beyond just a great design. Golden Gate Sign is more than just an expert design company, we also fabricate and install business signs which means that when our designers create your signage, they think about how it will look once fabricated and installed on your building.

Our designs are dynamic on the computer screen when designed and then once engineered. Additionally, because we consider installation at the beginning of the process, we are able to avoid any design flaws that might come later in the process.

Personalized Signage Service

The customer service with a San Francisco sign service in second to know. When you work with Golden Gate Sign, you will meet in-person with one of our expert designers and graphic staff members. This allows us to learn of more about your business and unique signage requirements to create a personalized sign that speaks to your company’s identity.

Additionally, since we are a one-stop-shop signage company, this personalized service will continue through the fabrication and installation of the sign ensuring your needs are met throughout the process.

No matter the type of sign you are looking to add to your San Francisco business, Golden Gate Sign has the expertise to create a flawless visual for your business. To learn more about our comprehensive business sign services, contact us today. Give us a call or fill out the online request form for a free, no-obligation price quote.