san francisco signage channel letter sign

As a thriving, vibrant city, San Francisco is lined with booming businesses illuminating the streets with eye-catching signage. With so many landmarks and iconic attractions fighting for attention, you’ll want to be sure that your business has the perfect signage to stand out from the crowd.

At Golden Gate Sign, we offer striking channel letter signage that is completely custom. Design your own sign or allow us to create the perfect one for your business. Read on to learn more about creating your own custom visual masterpiece with our San Francisco sign company.

Choose Your Sign Lighting…

Selecting the right lighting is the first step in designing stunning channel letter signs. There are four different light options, each having a unique impact on the way your signage illuminates. Choose from:

Front Lit – Front or Face lit channel letters are the industry standard, featuring aluminum sides and backs with a colored acrylic face. The lighting sits from within the signage using either LEDs or neon, for a crisp brightness.

Reverse Lit – Less common than front lit, reverse lit signs is another popular option. The signs’ aluminum faces push the light out from the clear backs, emitting a halo-like illumination that creates a warm effect.

Front/Back Lit – For a dramatic, crisp look, you’ll want to go with front/back lit letters. As the name would suggest, these signs illuminate from both the front and the back, giving them a dynamic appearance that’s sure to stand out.

Open Face – In the right setting, open face signage can have a spectacular impact. Outfitted with aluminum framing with no face covering, this style of signage is undoubtedly eye-catching but has a thinner return.

Select Your Mounting Option…

Once you’ve chosen your lighting, it’s time to decide on the right mounting option:

Raceway Mount – We’ll attach your sign to a narrow aluminum box that spans the width of your signage. The electrical components are housed in the box, allowing for easier installation.

Direct Mount – Just as it sounds, a direct mount involves installing signage directly onto the surface of the building. Wiring is pushed through an interior cavity in the building, making installation slightly more time-consuming.

Ensure your business has a competitive edge with stunning new signage from Golden Gate Sign. Give us a call to learn more about our design services for San Francisco signs or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate today!