san francisco awning signs

What does the exterior of your building say about your business? Without a sign, it doesn’t say much, which means you aren’t likely to draw customers into your store.

At Golden Gate Sign Company, we can announce your business to the world with the perfect sign, but we can do so much more! Custom awning signage for San Francisco businesses get noticed for all the right reasons.

Make a Statement and Enhance Your Presence

San Francisco awnings aren’t what you would expect from a pop-up shop. Instead, they are a statement of tradition. They make the statement that you’re serious and passionate about your business.

They can also enhance your presence, especially if your store melts into the city street. The right awning can extend your business towards the street, ensuring it gets more attention as passersby walk or drive outside the front of your store.

Protect Your Clientele from the Weather and Urge Them into Your Business

Going for a stroll can be a lot of fun, but not when the weather turns bad. With San Francisco awning signs, you can give those people a place to stop and catch their breath. If they’re heading into your store, having an awning gives them the perfect opportunity to shake off their coat or retract their umbrella before they come inside.

Not only does an awning make your business appear more appealing when the weather is bad, it makes your business look like a million bucks all year round. There’s just something about a custom awning that conveys class!

Showcase Your Brand with Custom San Francisco Awnings

There’s no better way to illustrate your prestige and showcase your brand than with San Francisco awnings from Golden Gate Sign Company. Fill out our convenient online form to get a free quote and discover how we can customize the perfect awning for your business.