front lit open face channel letter signs

Businesses today seek to stand out more than ever before. In order to be noticed, recognized, and remembered, signage is essential. Whether your business has been around for centuries or days, channel letter signs are often the perfect option for both versatility and customization.

Front Lit – Front lit channel letters offer striking and eye-catching signage from far away. Illumination is emitted from the front, giving the sign a glowing look.

Reverse Lit – Reverse lit channel letters stand out with the opposite approach of front lit. Light illuminates behind the signage and lettering, providing a great look and a different approach to regular signage.

Front/Back Lit – Combined front/back lit channel letters incorporate the best of both the above options.

Open Face – Open face channel letters work with neon and LEDs, cut to fit the open face of the letter can and often giving a retro vibe.

With so many channel letter options, often the hardest decision is determining what look is best for your business.

Offering channel letter signs in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, Golden Gate Sign can bring your customized vision to life. From design to installation, we can find the perfect sign for your brand, audience and marketing.

With indoor and outdoor options, channel letters sign offer limitless options to suit your exact business needs. Our vast selection of options and inspired craftsmen ensure that the final product is the ideal showcase of your company.

To learn more about our various signage options or to begin speaking with a designer today, contact Golden Gate Sign by submitting a free, online quote.