custom pylong signs

At Golden Gate Sign Company, we absolutely love pylon signs and we know you will, too! As the premier San Francisco sign company since 1969, we know a thing or two about creating the perfect signage for your group or business. With the right pylon sign, you can be sure that your message can be communicated both powerfully and effectively. So, why do we love these signs so much? There are several great benefits pylon signs can bring to your business:

Versatile Structure – The freestanding structures are extremely versatile. There are many types and varieties of poles that you can use in different ways to integrate your signs and signage. This is irrespective of whether the signage is an integral part of or attached to the pole/pylon.

Clear Advertising – With a pylon sign, you will have an easier time getting your brand to speak on your behalf. If your business is located somewhat far from the main highway/road in your town, talk to us today and we will install your signage closer to the main street. At the end of the project, you will start receiving more clients coming straight through to your door as a result of the increased visibility of your business.

Supplemental Signage – You can also use pylon signs as your supplementary ad machine. Alongside the storefront sign sitting on your façade, these signs will receive greater visibility even from a far distance away.

Another one of the reasons we love working with this signage type revolves around the fact that we can easily customize your end product(s) to meet your precise needs – be it fabricating your sign according to exact specifications or providing complete sign design services as well.

Whether you are looking for the sign to display your company logo, or you are advertising a new product in your line, get in touch with Golden Gate Sign Company and enjoy personalized and highly customized signs that make the difference.