custom neon signsIn a city that's full of life no matter the time of day or night, standing apart from your competitors is essential to capturing those important customers that often just come and go. Whether you're looking for an "open" signage for your storefront's window or a custom neon sign to advertise what your business offers, you can depend on Golden Gate Sign Company for high-quality neon signs that will last you for years. We proudly offer custom sign solutions that can fit any need or budget.

From small indoor signs to large exterior signage for your storefront, our neon signs illuminate your business no matter how dark it may be, serving as a beacon for customers looking for your business. Catching their eyes is easy when you choose our sharp, vibrant, and brilliantly lit neon signs.

The process of custom neon sign creation has never been so easy. We'll help you design your sign before fabricating it in our state-of-the-art facility. Afterwards, our professionals will gladly install your sign to your specifications—whether your signage is a free-standing pylon sign, part of an awning or on your store's façade.

The options are near limitless with our neon signage experts. You can create the perfect sign to fit your business and display it all with the help of our professionals. Call Golden Gate Sign Company today to get started on your neon sign or fill out our online form to request your free signage estimate.