signs-oldclamhouseLooking to shed some extra light on your business in the darkness of night? Consider one of our various lighted sign options to attract customers who live for the nightlife. They’ll light up your entry way, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your storefront and drawing in more evening business as a result. As the premiere San Francisco sign company, Golden Gate Sign Company, Inc. proudly offers the following illuminated signage: Illuminated Channel Letter Signs: Coming in neon and reverse-lit configurations, our illuminated channel letter signs are bold, beautiful and bound to draw in business for you company. Neon Signs: A staple for businesses within the service industry, neon signs have been used in advertising and other displays for over 100 years. Throughout that entire time, they’ve remained one of the most popular and effective signage types across the world. Lighted Projector Signs: This type of sign lights up and hangs outward to dramatically increase your company’s profile. LED Signs: These light and energy-energy efficient signs are among the most long-lasting and reliable of all illuminated signage. They’ll keep their beauty and attract customers to your business for years to come. Electronic Message Centers: Impress people walking down the street with a beautiful, energy-efficient electronic message center. This type of sign is perfect for promoting specials and events your company is hosting. Digital Signage: We’ve been in the digital era for quite some time now, so your business’s signage should reflect it. These beautiful displays are great for promoting your brand name, company logo or any announcements you’d like to make. Architectural Signs with Spotlight: Perfect for apartment complexes or office buildings, an architectural spotlight can make the name of your facility visible at all hours of the night.

To learn more about these illuminated sign types and find out which one is the perfect fit for your business, contact us today. Call Golden Gate Sign or fill out our online form to receive your free estimate!