restaurant signageDilapidated, worn down signage can be the kiss of death for a restaurant. Think about it: would you trust the food from an establishment with a broken and unattractive entrance sign? The truth is, your eatery could make the best burger in town, but if it doesn’t look the part, your potential customers will turn around and enjoy a less delicious meal from one of your competitors. Does the thought of this make your blood curdle? Prevent it from becoming a reality by installing stylish exterior and interior restaurant signage. Here are some ideas to get started: Channel Letter Signs

To give your visitors a bold and hearty hello, install a channel letter sign. Generally made of sheet metal or aluminum, these durable creations are available in standard, exposed neon or reverse lit styles. Featuring a clean design, channel letter signage is generally mounted above entry ways to draw customers in. They’re also a chic option for you interior, especially if you want to feature your restaurant’s name on or behind your host stand.


A classic entryway commonly used by cafés, bistros and Italian eateries, an awning gives your restaurant a boost in visibility. Manufactured in shed-style and concave designs, and available in illuminated and non-illuminated models, this type of sign will give your establishment a more elegant look. Additionally, it provides shelter from the rain and harmful UV rays for your patrons.

Printed Graphics

Perfect for both the interior and exterior of your restaurant, printed graphics offer an artistic way for you to create a unique entrance sign or large menu to hang in your dining area. By simply selecting your design, you can have beautiful prints featuring your brand name, logo and food items. The designers and fabricators at Golden Gate Sign have the skill and high-scale printing capabilities to create something that will draw in customers and improve the atmosphere of your interior.

By implementing any of these or other types of commercial signs, you’ll immediately improve the aesthetics of your business and will likely see a steady increase of customers. Of course, you also have the option to completely customize your design. Just simply tell our experts your exact specifications and they’ll craft you something unique and extraordinary.

For new restaurant signage that will attract patrons off the street and make your competitors green with envy, contact Golden Gate Sign today. Call us or fill out our online form to receive your free quote! We look forward to crafting you a beautiful new sign!