When looking for new channel letter signage for your business, it’s important to consider two critical aspects of a sign: the lighting and the mounting. Check out our channel letter guide for the low-down on getting the appealing and compelling channel letter sign that’s right for you.

Lighting Open Face Channel Letter SignChannel letters are typically LED-lit. They can also be neon-lit, illuminated from a spotlight on the ground shining up from the ground, or not lit at all. Typically, lighting is recommended so that your commercial signage is not hidden in darkness.
  • Front Lit (“face lit”): As the most common letter lighting, only the front face of the letters is illuminated.
  • Reverse Lit (“halo lit”): For a more modernized shadow look, only the back of the letters is illuminated.
  • Front/Back Lit: Both the front and back of the letters are illuminated, creating a dramatically dynamic appearance.
  • Open Face: Opening only at the front face of the letters, these letters generally have a thinner edge for a more stylish look.

Your selection of mount type can also enhance the appeal of your sign and impact installation.

  1. Direct Mount: Your sign is fixed directly to the surface of your building, creating a cleaner look.
  2. Raceway Mount: You sign is fixed to a rectangular substrate containing the electrical appendixes. This provides an easier installation and fewer mounting holes in compliance with strict building codes.
Now that you know a little more about the elements of channel letter signs, it’s time to get started with your premier San Francisco sign company. Call Golden Gate Sign to speak with one of our signage experts – or request a fast and free online quote today!