Gaia Arts Electronic Message CengerAn electronic message center, also knows as a variable message or matrix sign, has a variety of great uses. Because it can be changed and adapted, it can be useful for many different purposes. Here, the team at Golden Gate Sign breaks down some of the most common uses for one of our most popular signs. Roadway Signs

Especially popular in construction zones, over highways or in areas of congestion, changeable message center signs are used to denote warnings about speed limits, parking guidance and other important information about that particular road segment. As with construction and general traffic patterns, conditions can change frequently, and the scrolling marquee signs are the perfect way to keep up-to-date.

Large Venue Events - You can also spot variable-message electronic signs at large gatherings, such as professional sports games, concerts, or other performances. These scrolling-marquee type of signs are the perfect ways to announce details such as the schedule of events, ticket prices, or even directions to amenities in large venues. Airports and Public Transportation - With the constantly changing schedules, gate numbers and times that are pivotal to airport travel and public transportation such as trains and bus lines, matrix signs are the perfect way to quickly and easily pass information to the public in a timely, accurate manner. Decorative Accents - Even if you’re not using an electronic message center to keep up with traffic and flight updates, these types of signs can be a great way to add interesting visual elements to a building, storefront or other establishment. From colored lights to scrolling photos and logos, the creative possibilities are nearly endless!

If you’re thinking of using an electronic message center sign, call the experts at Golden Gate Sign for more information! We have been the premier family-owned and operated San Francisco sign company since 1969 and can’t wait to help you get started on your next signage project.