shutterstock_237058579Snow, ice and freezing temperatures take a toll on all of us.

Our cars, house, and bodies feel the beating of a rough winter.  Did you know that your business’s sign does as well?

San Francisco sign company, Golden Gate Sign, has been working in the sign industry for over four decades.  They have serviced some areas that are exposed to the winter elements and have put together some tips to help your sign last through the arctic blast.

  • Quality Materials- One of the best ways to ensure that your items will last survive the elements is to buy a quality product.  The higher the quality, the more resilient it will be the nasty weather.
  • Routine Examinations- Inspect your sign on a regular basis.  These examinations will tell you how much wear-and-tear your sign has experienced.  If there is damage, call your sign company to get it repaired.
  • Keep It Clean- Taking care of your sign will improve its longevity.  Don’t let debris, ice, or snow sit on your sign.  If possible, keep it completely clear.  Not only will this help keep your sign in good condition, it will be clearer to potential clients.
  • Replace If Necessary- If your sign is showing its age, it’s probably time to replace it.
Call the sign experts at Golden Gate Sign.  They are your local, bay area sign company.  They will give your business a high quality sign that will stand up to the elements and promote your business to the public.

Visit their website or call to get your free quote today!