Golden Gate Sign is proud to be one of the leading sign manufacturers in the San Francisco area.  We offer our customers a wide variety of signs, but we specialize in commercial signs in San Francisco.  We work with you to design a sign that best fits your company’s needs.  The sign is designed to complement your company’s image and attract new clients.  We also obtain permits for your company to install the new sign.  Once the permits are obtained, our San Francisco commercial signs staff begins work on your sign.  We are capable of installing and servicing even the largest of signs.  We also offer retrofitting services for your existing signage.  Some of the commercial signs we offer include restaurant sings, church sings, school signs, dealership signs, hotel sings, bar signs, sports stadium signs, retail signs, movie theater signs, golf course signs and any other commercial sign you may require.  We will work carefully with you to design a sign that best suits your company as well as any specifications you may have.  Look to Golden Gate Sign as your San Francisco commercial sign company of choice.