California is home to one of the brightest cities - Los Angeles.  As seen from a night photo taken from space it outshines every other city in California.  The Golden Gate Sign Company doesn’t want the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, Calif. to be out shown.  This San Francisco sign company is known for its customizable digital signage to match your company’s branded logo.  Digital signage in San Francisco will help your company reach the largest possible audience at all hours of the day.

Don’t go with the ordinary commercial signage in San Francisco; make your company’s sign personal and bright.  Other sign companies in San Francisco place an order for your sign.  Our graphics and design experts meet with you personally to understand your digital signage requirements and dimensions.  It is then manufactured at our expansive Oakland facility, later to be installed and maintained by our experienced staff.

Make San Francisco shine with our San Francisco commercial signs.  Go digital.  Go bright.  Make a statement.

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