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There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to composite signage products in San Francisco, but the Max Metal signs from Golden Gate Sign Company are a premium choice for outstanding value, style, and durability. Lightweight, weather resistant, and easily mounted or installed, our Max Metal signs are built from durable aluminum with a high-density polyethylene core, and they can help your business make a big impact in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Property management and real estate signs
  • Outdoor signage that holds up to extreme weather
  • Interior directional signs
  • Menu boards, product displays, and more!

Innovative Process for Premium Max Metal Sign Fabrication

While the versatile and highly durable nature of Max Metal signage makes them one of the most-popular options for Bay Area businesses, you get more than just a quality product with Golden Gate Sign Company. We believe in taking a personalized, full-service approach to creating all of our commercial signs, and your Max Metal sign is no exception to the rule.

Our innovative process involves several steps that are designed to help you maximize the value you get from your new sign, and you can expect to receive:

  • Design Consultations: You’ll work directly with a talented designer to go over your vision for a Max Metal sign and to create graphics that work perfectly with the needs of your business.
  • Free Price Quotes: We believe in transparent, customer-first business practices, and we offer accurate, free price estimates for all Max Metal composite signs.
  • Comprehensive Installation: We handle everything from permit procurement to complex installation tasks, and you can count on us to deliver guaranteed results.
  • On-Going Service: Our commitment to service doesn’t end at installation! We also provide long-term, regular maintenance and repair services to keep your sign in optimal condition.

Learn More About the Benefits of Our Max Metal Signs in San Francisco

As one of the top-rated providers of Max Metal composite signs in San Francisco and the Bay Area, you can count on Golden Gate Sign Company to deliver the value, quality, and long-term benefits that you deserve. Get more information on the various Max Metal signs and composite signage that we offer by giving us a call today, or request a free estimate and consultation now by filling out our online quote form!