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Danville Sign Company

A professional sign is one the most important, yet often overlooked, parts of your company’s branding. For over 50 years, Golden Gate Sign Company, Inc. has provided commercial signage that draws customers in. Whether you’re looking for a sign that highlights your company’s reputation or you’re looking to draw in new clients, we make your mission possible with Danville’s custom commercial signage. Our world class-team provides comprehensive solutions for:

  • Commercial Signage Solutions
  • Custom Sign Services

The Full-Service Danville Sign Company

Elevating your business is easy when you work with a sign maker who does it all. As an experienced sign company, we’re able to handle all of your commercial signage needs. Our knowledgeable team of designers, fabricators, and installers are trained to provide detailed service. We streamline the commercial signage process with:

  • Sign Permits: Acquiring the right paperwork can feel overwhelming, which is why we walk you through the entire sign process.
  • Sign Design: Get the perfect design with our logo creation, graphic design, and other detailed design services. Our design staff will listen to your needs to get you the look you’ve been searching for.
  • Sign Fabrication: With sign fabrication right here in Oakland, we’re able to overlook your sign creation to make sure it’s completed with care.
  • Sign Delivery: We take special care to make sure your new sign is delivered on time and with proper handling.
  • Sign Installation: Our sign installers are trained and insured to make sure your new signage is installed accurately and up-to-code.

The Danville Custom Sign Shop

As your Danville sign maker, we’re proud to offer services for any business. We believe that every company can benefit from professional signage, which is why we provide:

  • Sign Options: LED signs, architectural signs, and projecting signs are just a few of our sign styles. No matter which design you prefer, we’ll create an option that stands out.
  • Industry Signs: All businesses are covered with our industry sign makers. We’ve created exceptional choices for business signs, restaurant signs, store signs, and more.

Make Your Business Stand Out With Danville’s Professional Signage Company

Golden Gate Sign provides your business with the attention it deserves. Transform your branding with commercial signage experts. Call today to get started with a free sign fabrication and installation price quote!