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There are many businesses located on the Suisun Bay of California, where competition is fierce. A well-maintained storefront is needed to draw in Bay Area customers who might otherwise veer towards other, better looking, shops. When your signage begins to wear out or becomes damaged, turn to Golden Gate Sign Company for local Pittsburgh sign repair services.

Our professional technicians will get your interior and exterior signage working properly again. Whether you need a bad bulb replaced in a channel sign or regular maintenance on your digital boards, our experts have the tools and training to handle it.

We Repair Custom Signage in Pittsburg

As an established sign company in Pittsburg since 1969, we have a keen understanding of the specialty needs of businesses. With an extensive fleet of vehicles and specialists at our disposal, Golden Gate Sign responds quickly to your call. Whatever the type of sign or problem, our team can get it fixed using crane trucks, aerial trucks, or a standard service vehicle. We can repair many different styles commercial and retail signs in Pittsburg, including:

  • Vinyl signs: We'll replace any vinyl signage and wraps that are starting to wear out or peel
  • Neon signs: Our technicians can take neon signs in to get the broken glass replaced with new tubes
  • Monument signs: We'll replace missing letters, broken light bulbs, and replace broken plastic covers
  • Digital signs: Our technicians can assist with software updates, and hardware fixes
  • Hand-lettered signs: We'll touch-up hand-lettering on custom signage, repaint the sign in the shop, or replace a broken sign

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For three generations, Golden Gate Sign Company has provided superior sign repair services for the Pittsburg area. Our family owned business is focused solely creating a positive experience through our excellent service and customer support.

If you are interested in learning more about our sign company near Concord, give us a call or fill out our online form. A friendly representative is available to arrange your free repair quote today.