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As the home of the only racetrack in the Bay area, a busy retail district on Solano Ave., and a vibrant real estate industry, Albany is a great place for small to medium businesses. It's also a competitive marketplace where companies need to stand out from the crowd if they want to draw any attention.

Let Golden Gate Sign Company provide you with quality signage designed to let potential customers know where you are and bring them into your storefront. Your new sign will be a custom piece designed, crafted, and installed by our experts.

Professional and Creative Signage for Albany Companies

Golden Gate Sign Company offers comprehensive services, including custom signage, sign repair, and installation services. Our team is fully trained and knowledgeable in the creation of many commercial signs, including LED signs, indoor signs, and custom neon signs.

As one of the best sign companies in Albany, we also provide a selection of features and amenities:

  • Superior Equipment: When it comes to the different types of retail signs we produce, careful measurements, design work, and precision manufacturing are essential to achieve a quality result. Our facility is stocked with cutting-edge equipment overseen by seasoned engineers and craftsmen to ensure we're able to produce work within these parameters.
  • Expert Installers: We also have expert installers who are equipped with the right tools and a fleet of vehicles to place your signs. Our team is trained in the installation of interior and outdoor signs, repair, and maintenance, and the hanging of graphic signage too.
  • Skilled Designers: Our imaginative designers collaborate with clients to create custom business signs that exceed their expectations. From ADA signs to restaurant signs, our team is able to design and manufacture our signage in-house for every business we serve.

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There's so much to worry about as a West Coast business, you shouldn't have to spend extra time dealing with the signage. Whether in need of interior or exterior signs, you can find the products you need from Golden Gate Sign Company.

Since 1969, we've been serving as a premier Concord sign company. Allow us to help you get started with an affordable, honest quote on your commercial signage today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to grab your free price estimate.