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Signs have the potential to reach new customers and make an impact on existing ones. Additionally, there's no better way to advertise your business. While you may be able to print a basic sign at a local print shop, it'll undoubtedly lack the wow factor that you're looking for. To really make a splash, you need unique, custom signage. Golden Gate Sign Company, Inc. is the expert manufacturer you need for your signage needs. Our sign company has been in business in American Canyon since 1969, and has countless customers throughout the area. You've likely passed our work on the road without even knowing it. Our sign shop is part of the US Small Business Association and we're dedicated to providing you with a quality product. Our services include:

Upgrade Your Existing American Canyon Sign

Many businesses are equipped with an old sign that no longer has the fresh luster it should. If you're looking to attract new customers, you need a dazzling sign that signifies the quality of your business. At Golden Gate Sign, we have a team of expert installers that can efficiently modernize your look. All of our team members are licensed, insured, and trained, guaranteeing you the confidence you need in our work. Whether you simply need a cosmetic uplift, or you're looking to implement tech into your sign, our retrofitting services will help you out.

Custom Signs for Every Industry

At our professional signage company, our main specialty is industry-specific signs. We service a wide variety of businesses and are capable of creating unique signs tailored exactly to their needs. No job is too advanced for us, as we can custom fabricate anything to meet the needs of our clients. We most commonly install:

  • Bar and Restaurant Signs
  • Movie Theater LED Signs
  • School Signs
  • Massive Sport and Stadium Signs

Parking Lot Lighting for Your Business

As a business owner, it's imperative you keep your parking lot well-lit and secure. Without proper lighting, customers may not be comfortable approaching your shop. Golden Gate Signs would be happy to install complex parking lot lighting systems for your  American Canyon business.

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Signs are a crucial element to a successful business, and Golden Gate Signs can provide it. We're American Canyon's top sign manufacturer and installer, and would be proud to serve you. Whether you need sign retrofitting, a new installation, or parking lot lighting, we have the diverse range of services that you need. Get started with a quote today.